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Love Local Day is about celebrating the local businesses you know and love. Just nominate your favourite local business before 14th February 2023 and we'll choose a selection of winning nominations and send them a special thank you gift. It takes just 2 minutes to tell us your local favourite, and there's also the chance to be entered into our FREE prize draw to win £50 to spend on our shop local websites.

What is Love Local Day?

Love Local Day is one of a number of ShopAppy initiatives to help businesses and communities in these challenging times. Running successfully for the past 5 years, trending against Valentine’s Day on Twitter and enabling many non-ShopAppy towns to get on board. Last year was our most successful yet with over 4000 nominations and in 2023, it is even more important to share the local love. ShopAppy wants to help the UK celebrate all our incredible local businesses, high streets and markets, and champion them by encouraging consumers to spend with them.

Valentine's Day is traditionally a time when we look for that unique card, gift, or somewhere to go on a date and often the places we have nearby can give us all the advice, inspiration and solutions we need. Valentine's Day is a retail highpoint, growing steadily each year and reaching a staggering £1bn last year in the UK- so it's a good opportunity to help ensure that spending stays local. So whether you love the romance of it all or not, the 14th February provides a great opportunity to remind consumers to appreciate their local businesses and to use them.

Nominate your favourite local business now and let them know how much you love them. If you fancy getting even more involved, please drop us an email to [email protected] and we will get in touch with more information, including ready made assets you can use to drive your own Love Local Day campaign.


How do I get involved?

Help raise awareness by sharing the local love on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Look out for our competition on socials to win £50 ShopAppy Voucher - all you have to do is share a picture of your favourite local spot. A winner will be chosen at random on #lovelocalday 14th  February. Make sure you tag ShopAppy in your posts (Facebook - @ShopAppy, Instagram/Twitter - @ShopAppyUK and use our campaign hashtags #LoveLocalDay and #LocalLover. 

Telling your favourite shop or business how much you love them.

It is amazing how unloved our local businesses can often feel. The power is in your hands to change that. Just nominate your favourite business before February 14th 2023 and encourage your neighbours and community to do the same - We will select the winners and send them a special gift for 20th Feburary!  It takes 2 minutes to create a bit of happiness, so just nominate here.

Supporting local for your loved one this Valentine’s Day.

You can make your high street or market the first stop when choosing a unique Valentine’s card or gift. You can order a meal from your favourite local restaurant or book a special treat or local event that you're both sure to remember forever! Gifts with more thought are locally bought.

Spread the love.

If you appreciate your local shops and businesses get on social media and tell all your friends to love local on 14th February by using #LoveLocalDay and the name of your town/city too. But most of all, spend with local businesses near you - that will make the biggest difference to them on this special day and every day.

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Want to get more involved?

Get access to our ready-made resources and materials you can use to spread the word about Love Local Day. Simply register here and we will get in touch.


Tell us your favourite local business now

We'll choose a selection of winning nominations and send them a special thank you gift! It takes just 2 minutes and you'll also be entered into our FREE prize draw to win £50 to spend on our shop local websites.