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This delicious trio of Spanish delicacies features produce grown in the hot sun on the fertile banks of the river Ebro in the province of Tarragona in southern Catalonia, from family the fertile banks of the river Ebro in the province of Tarragona in southern Catalonia, from family run businesses passionate about using local products of the highest quality and processing them traditionally by hand. If you need a dose of Spanish sunshine and an injection of flavour into your everyday life, then get your hands on this delicious selection.

The selection will arrive carefully packed in a recyclable box with eco-friendly padding, and would be both an elegant gift for a foodie or a tasty treat for yourself!


Pimiento cherry relleno de queso / Cherry peppers stuffed with cheese

'Pimiento Cherry Relleno de Queso' (cherry peppers stuffed with cheese) are perfect to snack on with an aperitif. These delicious little snacks are popular nibbles in Spain, where peppers thrive in the year round sunshine of its southern regions. Conservas Alamanaque is a small, family run factory, using traditional artisanal methods to produce canned organic fruit and vegetables from the Ebro riverbank. They work in partnership with the seasons, and therefore these stuffed peppers are only produced from September to November. The peppers are stuffed with cheese and preserved in sunflower and olive oil. They are gluten free and contain no additives.

Red Piquillo Pepper Cream

From Botularium, an artisan producer in Barcelon, this creamy pepper spread is very tasty.. Try it spread on toasted sourdough, or crackers. Alternatively it makes a great pizza base, pasta sauce, or could even brighten up a cheese sandwich!

Crema di Alcachofa / Artichoke Cream

Create a delicious appetiser by spreading this delicious 'crema de alcachofa' (artichoke cream) on toast or crackers, use as a dip with breadsticks or fresh vegetable crudités, or as a topping for canapés. In Spain the artichoke is prized for both its taste and its health benefits. This beautiful, striking vegetable is full of cynarine, which is good for your liver and is known to soothe an upset stomach. This creamy spread is made by Botularium in Catalonia, with natural ingredients and no added preservatives. Botularium's mission is to delight lovers' of gourmet cuisine, and they describe themselves as 'flavour artisans'.

More Information
Country of Origin Spain
Ingredients Cherry peppers stuffed with cheese: cherry peppers, cheese, sunflower oil, olive oil. Contains sulphites.

Piquillo pepper paste: Piquillo peppers, sunflower oil, cornflour, garlic, vinegar, salt. Artichoke cream: artichoke hearts, sunflower oil, salt, garlic, spices

Artichoke cream: artichoke hearts, sunflower oil, salt, garlic, spices

Nutritional Value Piquillo pepper paste. Per 100g: Energy: 55.6 kCal 2331 kJ, Fat 1.8g, of which saturates 0.38g, Carbohydrates 6.2g, of which sugars 4.8g, Protein 2.6g Salt 1g

Cherry peppers stuffed with cheese. Per 100g: 171.6 kCal 7226 kJ Fat 11g, of which saturates 5.16g, Carbohydrates 14.9g, of which sugars 3.73g, Protein 2.3g, Salt 0.3g

Artichoke cream. Per 100g: 316 kCal 1301kJ, Fat 30.8g, of which saturates 3.3g, Carbohydrates 6.6g, of which sugars 0.2g, Protein 0.9g, Salt 1.09g

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